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COUNTRY ROCK: Scales and Key Center
This episode of the GuitarBlog explores the differences between the major and minor tonality found in the style of Country Rock Guitar playing.

PART ONE: Deals with the major tonality. We'll study a basic major key progression, with a lead part, as well as, a melody and chord progression that operates within a Mixolydian effect.

PART TWO: Takes us into the minor tonality where we'll apply the sounds of the Natural Minor key center along-side of the sounds of the Blues tonality. Even if you're not a fan of country music, I think you're going to walk away with some really good ideas from this GuitarBlog episode. Enjoy the lesson!


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Country Guitar Riffs


Country Two Beat - Part One  


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July 22, 2016:
Foundational Techniques of Guitar


PART ONE: Explains the proper playing approach for getting the best note sound and the greatest ease for performing chord and melody ideas on the fingerboard. Additional technique drills are provided to help with attaining balance, skills for string skipping technique, and co-ordination from both the left and right hands.

PART TWO: Focuses upon real world playing situations which can cause players technical performance difficulty. Covers performing layered lines for both rhythm and melody parts, (like those found in typical duets). An exercise for working toward mastering the feel for; chords, melody and groove is also included.

Watch Part 2 of this lesson and download the handout and jamtrack in the members area of

GUITAR TECHNIQUE: Foundational Techniques of Guitar


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